Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To: DIY Macro Photo Studio For $10

"Small flash gear is especially well suited for shooting macro shots and other small-object still life and product shots. And this little studio in a box does not even technically need a flash to work its wonders. Any bright lamp will do if you are shooting digital, because it is very easy to balance for tungsten light and get the color balance spot on."

"This is basically a light tent, albeit a very controllable one. It pretty much creates beautiful light be default. Frankly, it's very difficult to get it wrong."

Learn how to make the Macro Photo Studio here or just read my highlights below to do it faster.

My highlights of the article:

  1. Get a cardboard box big enough for the items you want to take pictures of. You can usually find this around grocery stores for free if you ask them. Recommended size is 12" x12" x12" box.
  2. Get white poster boards. Enough to fill three sides of the box.
  3. Cut out one window on three sides and take a side off completely off another. (Look at the picture below)
  4. Tape the white poster boards over the three windows.
  5. You'll need to get a longer piece of white poster board and and attach it to the inside of the box and falling out of the side that was completely taken off. (Look at the picture below)
  6. Use a lamp to produce a professional like exposure for the picture.
  7. Set your object in the box and you're ready to take pictures!