Friday, November 4, 2011

Canon C300

Well, we have to hand it to Canon -- this was one tight-lipped product launch. The imaging company just unveiled its C300 cinema camera at Hollywood's Paramount Studios, in front of a crowd of hundreds of journalists and film industry elite, including Martin Scorsese. Canon is no stranger to the professional photography community, but it has yet to make a name for itself in Hollywood, where cameras such as the Arri Alexa and RED EPIC dominate the digital filmmaking world. The C300 may not appear to be overwhelmingly powerful on paper -- stock features include an EF or PL mount (not both), 1080p capture, a pair of CF card slots, timecode and HD-SDI output -- but judging by the sample films we saw today, its incredibly powerful sensor and versatile form factor are likely to play a more significant role in making this camera a success.
Fujio Mitarai is saying that the camera is especially well-suited to accurate color reproduction, particularly skin tones. We're also receiving word that the C300 will cost somewhere in the range of $20,000 -- how's that for affordable? It contains a Super 35mm CMOS sensor and delivers up to 4K resolution with the outfit's new "top-end" EF zoom lenses, which come in four flavors: two 14.5-60mm lenses and two 30-300mm. And the lenses keep on coming, with three EF prime lenses in 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm variations. That CMOS sensor offers 1920 x 1080 pixels for the reds and blues and 1920 x 2160 for greens. Like we said before, list price for the C300 will be $20,000 when it hits stores in late January 2012. And that appears to be it for this very long announcement, but we'll have our first impressions soon. Full PR awaits you after the break.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Canon EOS-1D X

Arguably one of the most impressive DSLR cameras to date, Canon made news moments ago with the release of its EOD-1D X. The flagship series model adopts a full-frame sensor and harnesses 18 megapixels. An ISO rating goes from 100 to 51200 and can be expanded to an impressive 204,800. The 1D X also incorporates a new 61-point Auto Focus system as well as software configuration tools akin to those on the 7D model. Internally, the EOS-1DX features three DIGIC processors, including Dual DIGIC 5+ image processors that maintain the ability to deliver 17 times more processing speed than the previous DIGIC 4. D dedicated DIGIC 4 processor remains integrated for metering and AF control.

Additionally, Canon created the 1D x as the first EOS Digital SLR that incorporates Multiple Exposure capability, affording it the ability to form composite images via a combination of up to nine individual images. Its “Super High Speed Mode” allow the user to increase shooting speeds up to 14 fps at its full 18-megapixel resolution while maintaining a 12 fps rate in One Shot AF of Al Servo AF. As is expected, the camera boasts the ability to record at 1080p in HD at up to 30fps or in 720p HD at 50fps or 60fps.

On the hardware and design side, the body embodies a slightly modified exterior with button control configuration re-applied for ease of use and comfortability in the users right hand. Dual Card Slots are incorporated to the approval of many professional photographers, providing a means to carry only one memory card format and still achieve instant image back ups and provide a significant boost in storage capacity. Photographers are also granted the ability to join their 1D X to a LAN network via a built in gigabit Ethernet Jack. Slated to make its debut sometime in March 2012, the EOS-1D X is expected to arrive with a price tag of $6,800 USD.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Anyone Run? Check Out The UNDERCOVER x Nike GYAKUSOU 2011 Fall/Holiday Collection

Jun Takahashi with his running team, Tokyo’s Gyakusou International Running Association

Nike Sportswear obviously does quite well with it’s own design team, turning out well-styled athletic apparel, that sets industry standards. But by leveraging the acumen of Jun Takahashi, NSW has been able to make huge leaps forward in combining technicality, utility, and design. The Jun Takahashi-designed Gyakusou collection for Nike Sportswear landed with a huge impact in Fall 2010, and followed up with an equally impressive Spring 2011 collection.

Takahashi is best known for Undercover, the seminal Japanese label he founded in the early 1990’s. He was a key figure in that golden era of the uru-hara hipster set, and Undercover retains the cult status that the label quickly earned. In years since, Undercover has gone on to flirt with the couture world, which has embraced Takahashi’s elaborate, unique, and frequently edgy creations.

NSW has allowed Takahashi to fuse his own love of running with his skill for subtle design and aesthetic details. The Gyakusou collection, named for Tokyo’s Gyakusou International Running Association, evokes a reverse engineering theme, explored through a variety of inside-out construction approaches - the result is a slightly whimsical sense of technicality.

While unapologetically technical, the line maintains a tasteful aesthetic by relying on a restrained color palette - though throughout the collection, Takahashi capitalizes on Nike’s latest technologies - making wide use of laser-sealed seams and Dri-FIT fabrics in apparel, and Lunarlon soles and Flywire technology in footwear. Gyakusou represents some of the finest examples anywhere of design, fashion, and technology combined; comparisons to other heavyweights of the niche - Errolson Hugh’s work for ACRNM, for example - are not unwarranted. Takahashi has taken purpose-built technical athletic pieces and imbued them with next-generation style – with no sense of feature-overload, and without creating Blade Runner costumes.Via

Check out the video below to see the gear in action.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Magda Danysz - Fashion Week Perspectives

Based out of Shanghai and Paris, gallery owner and art expert Magda Danysz talks about her space in Rue Amelot in this profile video created by Louis Vuitton. Selected by the French powerhouse brand to be included on its prolific list of contributors, Danysz describes the changing atmosphere of Rue Amelot and the exciting artistic happenings during the Parisian fashion week festivities. In addition, the video also shows graffiti artist JonOne strutting his stuff on customizing several parts of Danysz’s scooter.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Good News! Netflix Decides To Keep DVD-Mail And Online Streaming As One!

Netflix Qwikster
So to further continue the last post I made, Neftlix smartly decided to keep the junction between ordering DVDs by mail and streaming online sources under one one name and website. I am guessing Qwixster is a no-go for now. I am personally happy about this because I own Netflix and do not want to pay more for what is already provided just because it's split into two services. In other news, it saddens me to say that Netflix is expected to lose the ability to stream any films owned by Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment. What it is losing in films are trying to be made up with TV shows. Netflix is planning to add a whole new slew of popular shows to its archive.

To read the article go here.

14 Hip Hop Heads Graphically Designed by Dale Edwin Murray

Very creative artwork yet seems so modern. The picture I chose to showcase shows MF Doom and KanYe West which are a few of my favorite musical artist.

"London based freelance designer Dale Edwin Murray graphically designed 14 Hip Hop heads. Most of them you can guess pretty easily, as the designer catches the look and also the style of each and everyone pretty well in the portraits."
"Try to guess them all and check out the entire range after the jump. See the rest of the collection here."