Sunday, October 9, 2011

4 Reasons Why the Fuji X10 Isn’t Just a Fashion Accessory

“Holy crap, it’s pretty.” Those are the words right out of Copy Editor Julius Motal’s mouth when I showed him the Fujifilm X10 (or Fuji X10). Indeed, as I sat in on the conference call with Fujifilm’s reps, my mind went crazy as I got all hot and sweaty thinking 
about the naughty things I would do to it when I got my hands on it later on
 about just what the Fuji X10 might look like after talking about the specs. But underneath it all, the Fuji X10 seems to be a powerhouse on the inside.

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My highlights of the article:

  • Camera is sturdy.
  • f2.0 to f2.8 
  • Comes with 28-112mm lens. Can be used for landscapes and portraits or anything in between. Very diverse.
  • Optical image stabilization in the lens.
  • Best shot while auto-focusing.
  • Perfect for everyday use because of its size and abilities.
  • Expected to release around November 2011.

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